About company

What we do?


We are a dynamically developing IT company, not afraid of new challenges. We value punctuality and attention to detail. We run informative projects in the Scrum technology, which allows us to introduce order from the beginning of the project creation, and allows the client to keep track of work progress. We specialize in modern IT technologies. We create software that works in the local and distributed environment. We also design embedded systems based, among others, on the Raspberry Pi platform.

What we specialize in?

Dedicated applications are software created for the individual client and his needs. Each application has an individual character. We deal with every aspect of an IT project. We create code as well as graphics. We configure the target environment to work with the newly created software. Dedicated applications can work on a local computer as well as may have a more distracted nature, thanks to which they significantly increase their range and improve functionality. We also create software for embedded systems based on the Raspberry Pi platform.

Reporting applications Current IT is mostly based on data. Unfortunately, their amount is so large that manual processing is not feasible. Modern database systems that enable easy processing of large amounts of data come to help. Such tools are also included in the Microsoft SQL Server product package. Their appropriate configuration and the creation of appropriate queries and procedures, causes a significant acceleration of data parks. Creating a report using diagrams, significantly increases the readability of the presented information.

Online stores are a commonly used form of sale. Thanks to them, you will significantly increase the number of potential customers and the sales range. Built-in mechanisms will make product management more manageable. Your own online store is also an opportunity to position on Google.

Website is the company's showcase. When you run a business, you need a website. Thanks to her, you'll show up on the web. In an easy way, you will acquire new contractors and present your company profile on a global scale. Our company offers various types of websites. It all depends on the individual preferences of our clients. We create simple business card pages as well as entire portals with a content management system and users.